Diets are all the craze right now, so it’s only fitting to give you some tips that keep me healthy, happy, and makes doctors smile. Without further ado here is my healthy go to list:

1.) Cut out preserved sugars and salts. I know I know, whats a day without your fav go to junk snack, right!? Well it goes without saying that these sugars and salts can cause some unwanted side effects like; weight gain, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and MUCH more!


2.) Gain some self control on how much sugar you eat or place in your sweet treat recipes. Much like preserved sugars, too much sugar is just as bad for you. It can lead to tooth decay, fatty storage around the heart and other areas.


3.) NO TO SALT! YES! You can do it! Saying no to mounds of salt in your fries, prepackaged meats, and “flavor” enhancements in your delectable Penne Tuscana recipe. Now saying you must get rid of all salt is a bit much, seeing as you need to sodium in your body to keep you healthy. Yet, to much salt from fast food to precooked food can reek havoc on you and can also start to hinder your brain as well!


4.) Start eating spicier foods. Now this one you can take it or leave it, but there is some science backed in this one. Eating spicy can kick start your metabolism which will make sure you shed those pounds! It can also make certain dishes very tasty if you add some Cheyenne pepper, jalapeños, or anything else to kick start your flavor palette.


5.) Stay hydrated! Your go to drink should always be a nice cup or bottle of aqua. It not only purifies your body and gets rid of all the toxins you have consumed, it also keeps you trim, reinvigorated, and ready to take on the day.


6.) Exercise. Okay don’t throw your water bottle at me! Every one tells you hit the gym or go out jogging, you also made that new years resolution six times in a row to go to the gym…it it never worked. HAHA! I made a pun! Anyways getting exercise regularly is very beneficial to your body and keep your bones and organs healthy.

This is just a short list of things that I do to maintain my healthy weight for my height. Now it’s not to say that it will work for everyone, but at least trying can’t hurt and who knows you might actually find doing these things very rewarding.  If you have another ways that you keep yourself fit and happy, please drop a comment that way I can try it out.