How many of you have stared at a screen or the ceiling wondering if you should start you own business venture? Probably a few people out there. You know what though, that’s okay. What’s not okay is being afraid to take that chance! Great things can happen if you just run and jump into the unknown. If you don’t, you will never know how exciting it can be.

Now, the big question most of us have is, “Can I afford starting my own business/blog?” The answer is yes! Of course the catch is you have to spend a little money and A LOT of time to kick start a profitable site. Most sites like WordPress, Weebly, and Wix can all provide a valuable starter plan that can suit anyone! I used Weebly first as a digital designer who was trying to promote myself, but it failed….Why? Because at that time I was scared on spending money on a site that I thought would never make it out on its own. Who knows it probably could have really “paid” off if I managed to splurge a little and make it golden.

I managed to delete that account, loath in my own demise, and always wondered if I was meant to do more….and be MORE! Always contemplating on starting my own site, again. Many entrepreneurs I talk to and see on Instagram seem to say that, “If you keep wondering and thinking about it, then it is a good chance that you might actually be an entrepreneur.” That alone can get you excited because you might end up being extraordinary! And the truth is, YOU CAN BE! Just take the leap and prove to yourself that you can do anything.


Okay, okay, but what if you feel as if no one will read your posts or buy your products is disheartening to. That is what scares most people away within the first few months/days. Do not be frightened because these things take time and marketing dedication. Now I’m not going to tell you that you need to invest in a SEO, fancy add work, or a virtual assistant, since you never need all that at first, just start promoting on one or two social media sites. I use Instagram and Pinterest. These two if used right and efficiently can be the most useful tools that are easy to use. Start posting maybe a two pictures that represent your blog post or products using trending hashtags to get people to start getting familiar with who you are.

Just remember that you are never alone in this journey because there are so many people out there struggling to create a start up. If you ever need help or advice also try and reach out to someone who used to be right where you’re standing. So, don’t be afraid, take the leap, and find out how amazing you can be.