Happy National Women’s Day! But wait do we as women really just need a day to be recognized? Shouldn’t we already be applauded for the hard and amazing work we do 365 days a year? I suppose not, since it’s not like we are the most underrated sex. Yet, on the upside men don’t have a day! So there is a positive outlook on such an unfortunate celebration.

That leads me to my most profound thought yet. This year is actually the most important time for women to be heard, on a lot of things! As women have been trying become heard with sexual assault, rape, and even domestic abuse….yet that barely scratches the surface of what it really means to be a women in this day and time. We face criticzim, belittling, among with the condescending talk of how we will never be better than a man! I call malarkey! As a women I can tell you that we can do some of the most extraordinary work that any man can do.

Now, I’m not going to get into the politics, as I prefer to leave mine on the table for a civil discussion. But I will say that we are all adults, so we can manage to put our differences aside for a second.


Okay, here we go. As a republican, I whole heatedly believe that our president is not to blame for this outrage of sexual assault allegations. In fact it has actually caused a domino effect by making women comfortable enough to stand up in front a crowd and exclaim what a man/women has done to her! To be honest it wasn’t even President Trump that caused it, but I can say that it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Now the opinion of this can be swayed either way depending on your political views. But in my official opinion I do believe that this snowball was along time coming. It is mostly due to the lack of respect men are giving to us women. We are not seen as equals, but instead as pleasure outlets. Growing up as a women isn’t exactly what it should be, we should feel safe and unafraid to go out in public. Instead we are bombarded by men looking to catcall, harass, or even call us b*tches for not wanting to make contact with such a man. We shouldn’t be shamed or beaten because we refuse to accept your attention, nor do we deserve to be called a liar for speaking up about any kind of assault that was brought on, no matter the time period it happened in. We deserve the common respect that other people have.

That leaves me to the very point about this day. That is not just a day to applaud our hard work, but a day that we can speak up and share what is wrong with societies views on women. We are and forever will be fighting this long battle trying to prove to men that we deserve respect! This may be a war that seems like it will never end, but if we keep speaking up, acting out, and standing up for ourselves, then we will see the end of the war. So, even though we have a national day, remember, that doesn’t mean our fight isn’t worth it!