Work equals stress at some point or another. The trick is how to deal with it the proper way. You don’t want to lose your temper on a client or worse….Your boss! In light of saving you frustration and sleepless nights, here’s a short list of what I do on a daily basis while working. (Reminder I work during tax season and that alone can make anyone lose it!)

1.) Brew some tea in the break room. You know that aromatic tea that smelling it can remind you of a spa trip in the Caribbeans. If you’re not all about tea then the next best thing is water with fruit bits! These two drinks are proven to put you into a more relaxed mood.


2.) Invest in the STRESS BALL! It’s not scientifically proven to reduce stress, but it sure does feel good to squeeze the life out of something and not get in trouble for it!


3.) Meditate when you have the cubical to yourself. Close your eyes and take some deep steady breaths. This method does actually have some science to it. It is supposed to clear your mind will improving emotional and physical emotions.


4.) If you’re on your lunch break, grab something healthy. Okay so it sounds counter intuitive that not grabbing that delicious doughnut can make you happier. Well, it’s the truth! Healthy foods that aren’t full of fats and sugars can improve mental focus while making you feel less guilty about cheating your diet.


5.) If possible, read a book or short story that will make you think and take your mind off of everyday life. Now sometimes it’s hard to squeeze this one into your work schedule at times. Therefore, you can always do this with number four on the list.


6.) Hum your favorite song. Humming a tune that makes you think of puppies licking your face then your mind will calm itself down just a tiny bit.


7.) Bonus!  Become positive about the stress overload. It sounds silly, but if you can manage to see the positive in all the hard work you put in, I can assure you that it’s possible to make work stress more bearable.

Now, maybe two of these things on the list are scientifically backed, but I can assure you that the rest are tested by me! As working in a high stress environment has lead to me to find new ways to deal and cope with stress. If you can think of any more ways you deal with stress in the work place, let me know that way I can test them out. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I enjoyed writing it.