Mass hysteria hasn’t been silenced much following a open shootings on schools. This has lead to cries of gun control.Many do it out of rage, while some do it out of personal effectiveness. Yet, what is the real solution to these claims? Is it to take away guns, get rid of the ability to buy high artillery weapons, or the making it harder to buy them? Why does this conversation matter to you? Actually stop and think about this for a minute or two. You feel rage and upset because of what you see on or read out in the world and that is a logical slew of emotions.

The real answer is not to get rid of guns, nor is it to get rid of AK 47s or AR 15s. Yes, I know that hit that one nerve asking, “Why do we need those types of guns for civilian use?,” We don’t, but as an American who keeps up with world policies, I can assure you that guns are not the problem. The people who buy them are! These people that buy them are usually unstable in some mental format. Another reason is we glorify shootings on the media. We create this image of self glorification and how we manage to do this is posting it every where, talking about it all the time. Now, I know that me saying this can aggravate the easiest of going person, but here me out. Most of these kids or adults for that matter want attention in some shape or form.

All of the shootings can revolve around that one idea. It isn’t about the guns killing people, it’s the people killing other people! Mental instability is the cause of these crazy acts and will not go away unless w

e start paying attention to the signs of an unhealthy person. Some people need more attention in different ways for them to feel as if they are being heard and that someone cares for them.

Next, we do need stricter reigns on people buying these types of guns. Psychological tests should be in place if you ever decide to buy them. Why? Well if you want something that can kill at least 40 to 50 people in a minute then I’d feel a hell of a lot safer if I know that someone was screened meticulously. This does not mean that they should carry them around like a normal handgun, but to have them to shoot in a gun range is completely fine.

Banning guns will not stop gun deaths because taking away guns will cause more of an uproar. Uproars are the reasons for people getting more and more divided with madness. To be honest banning illegal drugs hasn’t exactly stopped a person from being able to buy heroine or cocaine off the streets. The same goes for guns, they black market for guns is more rampant then you could ever imagine. Therefore, banning something that you can get illegally will not stop any of this from happening. It will just make the gun trade more shady.