Everyday is the same: you wake up, put on your best face, go out and then tell everyone how great or fine you are….yet you’re not. You’re screaming on the inside wanting to tell the world how shitty you feel but instead you keep quiet because you don’t think anyone cares. Why would they? You’re just some pathetic person asking for attention. Aren’t you? You just love feeling like the oceans are drowning you and the mountains lay upon your chest making it so you can’t breath or move. According to them you feel that way because you need the spotlight since you’re not actually sick.

Or people telling you that it’s all in you’re head and people sometimes feel like this, so it’s okay. They think that you are exactly like them or her or even him, but they don’t see the nights you lay wide awake crying because you’re tired of feeling this way or how when you’re out you secretly hope something will quickly end the pain because no one needs or wants you here. Right? Wrong my dear! You are here for a specific reason even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. And not being okay is hard and it can feel like you’re suffocating, but being able to continue life even if  you want to die, that right there is pure strength.

People who aren’t you will never completely understand this life you walk. They will never understand the amount of pressure you put on yourself to appear NORMAL. Somewhere deep inside you there’s a diamond, a diamond where a normal persons heart is. They will never feel love, hate, or sadness that you do. Because you went through a different kind of life test that most of us cannot perceive. This is what makes you special, this is why this world needs you! We need people who love harder, hate less, and know how to appreciate the little moments in life. We need you to stay alive a little longer. We need you to just hold on my dear. We need you in this world!