I recently just read and watched “Crazy Rich Asians”. It was a really amazing movie and I applaud the use of an actual asian cast instead of white washing like Hollywood usually does. If you haven’t seen it or picked up the book, I highly recommend it.

First the plot revolves around a normal Asian-American women (Rachel) who has everything going for her. A nice job, a mom that supports her in every way, and a sexy boyfriend (Micheal) who treats her like a queen. The only problem is her boyfriend is insanely wealthy with a crazy wealthy family. The family is basic aristocratic asian family. Every child is shaped and molded to fit their parents ideals to maintain a perfect facade. The women Rachel who is throw into this world and is despised every step of the way. She of course over comes it, but the real factor of this is how the family operates.


You have the grandma who is of the highest respect, she is in every word a queen. She shaped the family and approves future females into the family. If they don’t measure up to be of a wealthy family and have beauty, then she makes them leave the family. The family also has to learn traditional values and are taught to give up their dreams in order to raise the family. The men are taught to be extremely successful and to choose another wealthy women to keep up the family facade. This of course leads some of the children if not all of them to resent the family and cause them to leave. Yet, some find it incredibly intoxicating that they live and breath to be apart of this way of life.

These aristocratic families will take it upon themselves to make an “outsider” feel unwelcome just so this so claimed outsider leaves and abandons all hope to be with his/her love interest. They tend to look down on anyone who is not “pure blood”, wealthy, and/or famous. This puts pressure of perfection in the front lines. If you don’t have any of these qualities you aren’t good enough to be apart of this royal family.

“Crazy Rich Asians” gets all of this right with of course a bit of the Hollywood side to it as well, but it definitely hits on a lot of the key details. I would recommend this if you want to see how people like this live their lives. Of course there is a lot more that goes on than most people know and what happens behind closed doors and hidden screens is more pressure some of us couldn’t fathom.