I wrote an article earlier this year about quapas and who they are and what it truly means to be a part of the community. I have been asking a lot of questions to a handful of people and seeing if they even knew what the word means. Surprisingly, most people didn’t even know that Quapas existed and then some didn’t care and said to me, “If they look white, act white, and have an English name (first/last) then they aren’t asian.” Some even sighed relief as I asked them, saying,” finally someone gets it!” Hearing this almost made me burst into tears. I also had someone comment on my Quapa post saying the same thing. NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS! And my question is; WHY?

Mostly, it has to do with ignorance, The other half has to deal with racism. Even though nobody wants to fully admit being ignorant or racist, but not letting someone acknowledge their heritage because of some off beat cultural norm. Wake up people, it is not the late 50’s and early 60’s people! As a country, heck, even as a world; we are at no point pure blood of any race.

I am reaching out to the Quapa community because I know the prejudice they face (in a very personal way). They go out, trying to connect to this part of their life. Whether it be the culture, language, traditions, or all of the above, they become victims of racist comments, harassment, and even embarrassment for trying to identify as Asian. I want everyone, from all walks of life, to take a hard look at why you overlook this problem. It is very real and predominant and in some instances it can be linked to politics. No one brings to light minority communities face on a daily basis for that exact reason, they are “minorities”. But I want the Quapa community to know that you are being heard and there are people trying to bring us to light, to the whole world!

I may be one small person, but I will try and fight for this to be shared with the hopes that we can claim our identity and live in complete freedom. No one should define us by skin color, what our names are, the language we speak, or even how we look. So if you are like me, tired of hiding or being ridiculed, please, please stand up and let’s make everyone see that we want to be heard! 500_F_122227872_pQpTzcGPjc4BEGIgyCKR4dSyZf9VncFS