Hello all! It’s been a crazy 2019 so far, but I don’t think any of us saw this one coming. First we have the political debates and races kicking off for 2020 (Which it’s hard to believe it has been four years!) and then we’ve had a roller coaster of a ride with new political laws made throughout the states. Yet, for me I this abortion ban has me all twisted up and honestly angry, for obvious reasons.


So, what exactly do we know about these laws coming into affect in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Mississippi and Kentucky? Well we do know that it will make any abortion after six (6) weeks of conception illegal. That means unless it is a complete threat to the mother or baby, they can not and will not abort no matter what is going on. With this said babies conceived through incest, rape or failure of a contraceptive a women won’t be able to abort. In some cases, if the women is known to have had an abortion she could be charged with murder and the doctor who preformed the procedure can look at a prison sentence of 99 years in prison.


But wait a second, the Roe V. Wade made sure that abortions could remain safe and in reach for any women who might need one. Without this court ruling women turn to unsafe and unsanitary conditions to abort. Many of ways that can lead to death, infertility, infections or complications down the road. That’s when i had another question, “Is this going against the separation of church and state, a war to keep women from having control over their bodies, or a ridiculous political stunt?” 

The other problem is to consider mental health and abortions. Do they cause mental illness in women? A few blind studies do show that women do regret having an abortion and wished they would have proceeded with the pregnancy. The other half shows that the women doesn’t regret their decision and it had no impact against their mental health. It does answer the fact that everyone can and will react in different ways depending on how one perceives events, certainly ones that can be drastic or life altering.


Now, abortions should be talked about thoroughly with your doctor if it was an accident that happened between husband/wife and girlfriend/boyfriend. But what exactly happens in cases of marital rape? Or rape within a relationship? Then what exactly should happen in those cases? In reality the decision lies within all of us and what we grew up thinking or taught. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t question all that we believe.

Please let me know what your opinions are and how you feel about this law.

With Love,

Ashley Grimm




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