Toliet paper, lysol and sterilization masks wiped off the shelves. DOW plummeting into a spiral. Mass panic in the streets talking about “social distancing”. Is this what a new world collapse look like? And not to mention it happens just a few months before elections.

The big question is do we believe this to be the end of the world or a mass dramatization of a benign virus? I mean we’ve had bird flue, swine flu and MRSA outbreaks with far deadlier outcomes. Yet, these outbreaks didn’t cause hysteria and economic turmoil.

Could this all be a ploy to distract us from unsightly devastation that is happening under our noses? We can look back and see the giant Trump scandal taking place and once that was swept aside (oddly enough) or the Epstein finding that could have brought down many of powerful people, we all of a sudden get a “new” and panicking epidemic.

Now all of this is speculation and is open for a broad debate, but I hope you can see how coincidental this seems. Please feel free to bring up any opinions or controversies about this whole epidemic.