The COVID-19 virus is causing a detrimental impact in every city globally. Mass quarantines being established, shortages of toilet paper and sanitizers in stores; it looks like a apocalyptic movie. Yet, other places are finally gaining traction after hard impacts from the corona virus and some are still keeping quarantines in place.

Major destinations have closed down, schools shut across the country, most stores are shortening hours, and churches have closed to make sure people don’t come in contact with mass groups of people. The streets are becoming scarcely populated as self quarantine is becoming more prevalent. Stores have shortened hours while giving limitations on items such as; toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning and sanitization products. The government has issued a National emergency while closing down schools and churches to limit mass gatherings that could potentially spread COVID-19.

As an American who has had the Corona Virus back in December before it had an official name, I understand the precautions, but not the complete lack of common sense. Everyone from the West coast to the East Coast bought toilet paper, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies in mass quantities while spreading mass fear online. The media is also stoking the fires of panic by making the death tolls numerous and the end of the world inevitable. While the media is causing hysteria, others who have access to the internet are spreading hatred hoping the ones who say not to panic has a family members or that person dies. It is complete chaos inside the walls of America and even the hopeful people are facing major backlash for not being in complete panic or the fact that not everyone is self quarantining is cause for sever controversy.

Why give into such panic when you yourself takes all the precautions as with every illness give into such a crazy mindset? The reason isn’t there. Mass panics only makes the situation worse! Keeping calm will not only help others, but it will help yourself as well. Strain on yourself will not only make you tired, but it will suppress your immune system, thus making you more susceptible of getting sick. Also, if you do feel sick, if you can, try to stay home and get lots of rest while eating and drinking healthy. Please, do not give into the mass fear the media is causing, instead use common sense and health precautions.