Okay, it sounds kind of ridiculous that being single could help you out, but its true! Even the “forever single” women struggle with the concepts of being single and finding yourself. Most forever single women stay single for one or more reasons such as:

  1. Unlucky in love
  2. Hates how rejection feels
  3. Finds solitude in cats or any other animals
  4. or because they feel like a relationship won’t fit into their lives

But, the other half of single forever women have found THEMSELVES! They know what makes them happy, their triggers, that favorite place down the street that makes the most delicious chai tea!

The other half of women place themselves into any relationship they can find despite their mental well being. The feeling of panic as the biological clock ticks away sometimes clouds the mind as well as the feelings of never being good enough for someone. Yet, the truth is you have to be enough for YOU! And sometimes that involves falling in love with yourself! It sounds like a very impossible task I know, but getting to know yourself can and will be the most important thing for you and your mental health.

It can take a month, 4 months or even a year or so to find out who you are and within that time you might find “the one” or you may even figure out that hanging out with your friends and sleeping in the middle of the bed is the only way to live life.

Once you begin to take the time to find yourself you’ll eventually look back and wonder why you took all that shit from your exes, or why you were afraid to ask that hot guy you would bump into on the subway, or why you would break up with someone you genuinely liked. There’s a lot of things that start to open up and make sense once you look inward.

Now I know what you’re thinking, I am lumping all women into a category and not all of us are like this. Yes, not everyone will fall into the same box and some will fall right in between. The major note to take away from all of this is that sometimes being a lone with yourself can open up your heart and mind to something extraordinary.