New Generation of News

About Me

What can I say, I grew up in a digital world and enjoy surrounding myself with knowledge at the touch of a finger. I am a proud Generation Z or as I like to call it Generation Tech! I was born and slightly raised in Tucson, Arizona and ended up moving around a lot. BUT! I was able to learn valuable experiences by moving. I was able to experience life through other people’s views and cultures.

This blog was designed to voice my opinions on what it is like to grow up in the now. It wasn’t like it was a few years ago and everything is advancing rapidly, its kinda scary. Being able to inform people of what it’s like living in the world as one of the youngest generation is my greatest adventure. If getting people to relate or see through the eyes us Gen Zs have to live through then maybe, by a small ray of hope, can I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Freelance Writer For Hire:

Hello, future prospects….If there are any out here! HAHA! I wanted to let everyone know that I am a freelance writer/blogger who would be more then happy to write articles for whoever needs them. If and when you are interested we can talk about writing styles and form. Please feel free to email me at Thank you for reading this and taking the time to consider me as a future writer for your team.


  1. I was born with congenital and degenerative scoliosis
  2. I am actually part bionic A.K.A my back is metal
  3. I reside in one of the most militarized states in America, think Langley and close to D.C
  4. I wanted to be in the military when I was younger
  5. Self learned languages, coding, and electrical engineering
  6. I’m a believer in aliens!