The sky was blackened, lava like cracks spilled out across it, and a burning smell waved in the wind. End times some people screamed, some even cried that their God was angry with them and to be honest, maybe it was both. Maybe the Gods have decided to end everything and start anew, or they were just tired of all our shit; I mean we humans are very tiresome and petty. It was odd though, all over the world these spires and monsters came out of the sky killing, enslaving people, as terrifying as it all was, I felt nothing.

My family was stripped from me a few days back when everything began. A commandant came into our home and asked us to submit or die. Well, I didn’t do any of those things. Instead I decided to fight, I managed to grab a soldiers knife without it knowing and when it was time to go up to the Commandant I took the knife out and held it to his throat shakenly telling him, “I will not submit nor will I die for nothing.” He laughed a big boisterous laugh telling me I had no choice in the matter. This thing then grabbed my wrist to where I couldn’t hold on to the knife anymore. “You submit or you die!” He yelled as his teeth glistened in a shark like way. The soldiers aimed their guns at me as if they already knew my answer. I was scared, that brave moment was beginning to look like the most foolish thing. I had no chance in hell taking on these guys, they were twice my size in height and muscle.

One of his claws cut my wrist as I tried struggling my way out. In one beat of a heart his eyes widened and in some language his men stood down. “Your blood… It smells like a Dreamora.” The room was silent as he let go of my wrist and he then picked up some weird device, it might have been their radio, and in the same language spoke into it. “The Master will be here shortly.” The Commandant almost had excitement in his eyes, almost as if what was lost was now found.

When he released me I can’t really explain what was going on, but my chest started to hurt to the point of making me sick. I looked at my family, my parents, sister, niece and nephew all huddled together scared, crying and horrified, I couldn’t blame them. Another wave of pain bursted in my chest, I threw my hand over my heart, clawing at it hoping I could somehow rip it out. During this episode I ran down to the bathroom to puke and when I did it was a black, sticky goo. I wiped my mouth, gargled some mouth wash, then looked into the mirror. The veins in my chest were black and eyes pale green. What was happening? What am I? My head pulsed trying to figure out what was going on…for the first time I was terrified.

A giant fist pounded on the bathroom door causing me to jump. “Get out now!’ The voice rumbled through everything, even my bones. I ran my hand across my face getting rid of the tears, but how was I to hide the veins. So I grabbed my robe that hung by the door and wrapped myself up. “Chill the fuck out…” I mumbled loud enough for this thing to hear me. I swung the door open and not even a few inches away from it was a huge soldier, his metal armor shinning with the light from the hallway. I really wish I could see its face… I wanted to know what these abominations looked like. I brushed past it and continued up the stairs to the living room.

“Well look who decided to come out.” The Commandant scowled as he turned his head to watch me. I saw another man standing next to him and his ice blue eyes almost pierced my soul. I couldn’t explain it, but when we locked eyes my whole body shook with a pain. Not like normal pain, instead the gut knotting pain you get when something bad is looming over you. “You must be the girl that has Commandant Drathik concerned.” The man said with his voice deep yet smooth flowing like a stream. I was getting tired of everything and to be honest I was in a hell of a lot of pain.

“You know; I have no idea what you guys think I am! I also can’t wrap my head around the fact that you think you can barge in here and hold my family and I captive!’ I swiftly moved closer to this new “thing” within an arms distance. “Well to be quite honest I don’t know why we haven’t gotten rid of the humans.” He scoffed pointing a long metal finger to my family. “We need to do something about them.” While gesturing for them to move along the Commandant nodded his head in agreement and then spoke in his tongue. His hand made a fist as three of the soldiers pointed their guns at them.

They went for the kids first and once they were eliminated the soldiers kicked my parents and sister down to the ground and shot them too. I could hear them scream bloody cries as they shot them. My legs disappeared and I hit the floor. Screaming, tears welling in my eyes, yet I couldn’t cry. I clenched my jaw and my hands closed into fists. I lifted my body up off the floor and went in for a swing. The fist almost landed on this mans’ jaw, but he saw it coming and grabbed it. I came around with my other fist and he did the same thing. His hands tightened as I tried to break free. “You foolish little girl.” His head shook as he scoffed. He told the Commandant to tie my hands together, so I couldn’t pull anymore stunts and while he was at it they tied my legs together too. After all was said and done the Master as they call him loaded me up on a hummer like vehicle. Everything afterwards was a blur.

I awoke dizzy and out of breath like I’ve been running. I kept getting the feeling that something wasn’t right, that gut knowing feeling that this was the beginning of my end. One of the soldiers at this “master” guys side looked back at me to make sure I was still moving. My feet kept moving, but my mind was still. All I could think about was their screams, the blood that stained the carpet and how it squished in between my bare feet. It was warm like summers rain and the stench, oh god, the stench of death was far worse than what I thought. If they didn’t take me out of that house afterwards I would have harked my guts out. Suddenly my feet stopped and I shook myself out of my head. There I was standing in front of this huge ass tower they called “The Spire”. Hell, I must have been asleep for a long time on that car ride because when I looked around and sniffed the air we were definitely by the ocean. The Salty smell of the air covered up the stench of whatever was burning, my assumption was burning bodies since every god damn thing on this planet was nothing but smoldering heaps.

“Welcome to your new home.” The master looked back at me and motioned me forward. It seemed almost gothic the way it looked. There were many small steps laid out circling up to the main entrance. Metal protrude from the structure like spikey scales and the door was intricately decorated with swirls and a sort of scribe. “Vithra Mirak Yaver” Master read the scribe without reading it. “Or in human terms, ‘Power within Darkness’. So enough you’ll come to understand what that means.” Guards saluted him as he came up the steps and the door screeching open.

A breeze swooshed my red hair across my face; it was cool and calming. The air inside smelled exactly like outside, burning and musty. I did have to give credit though, the interior looked as if it was designed in the Gothic era. Beautiful metal chandeliers lined their way up to a throne. A throne that was great and extravagant, one that could shame all thrones humans built. I walked up to it, my bare feet feeling the cold stone floor, echoes of the soldiers marching bellowed everywhere. “A throne fit for a God.” Master whispered from behind my shoulder. The soft black velvet shimmered, the golden edges had etched designs, and on the very top laid a black onyx.

“I’m still really lost on what all of this should mean to me!” The fact that no one would give me a straight answer as to why I’m here and what was going on with me annoyed me beyond anything. He laughed and shooed the soldiers away, “You’re here because you are just like me, but different. You have the blood of a Dreamora and I have the blood of a Valiker.” His footsteps echoed as he walked to my side. I was still staring at the throne, dazed and extremely lost in translation.